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Poems by Ron Yazinski



An eruption of light on our country road, like a bonfire around which

The community and student body rally before the big game;

But it’s midsummer and past midnight,

And my nearest neighbor is a quarter mile of forest away.

So hurriedly I dress and run.


On the side of the dirt road, a burning car

Supporting flames higher than the tops of the surrounding hemlocks,

And already my neighbor, hands shielding his face, slapping the driver’s door,

Saving someone, who if inside would already be dead,

Or better off so;


And my yelling, “Dave, Dave, get out of there before it explodes.”

And him, with his shirt wrapped around his hand,

Fuddling with the handle until the door pops open,

Showing the car is empty.

Moments later, the fire trucks and the state police arrive,


And we learn that the car had been taken for a joy ride,

And set ablaze by kids who thought it would be funny.

But mostly I remember the light on my neighbor’s face,

And his risking his life to save nobody,

And me in the darkness being wise.




Ron Yazinski is a retired English teacher who lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania with his wife Jeanne.  His poems have appeared in The Journal of the Mulberry Poets and Writers Association, Strong Verse, The Bijou Review, The Edison Literary Review, Lunarosity, Penwood, Jones Av., Chantarelle’s Notebook, Centrifugal Eye, amphibi.us, Nefarious Ballerina, The Talon, Amarillo Bay, The Write Room, Pulsar, Sunken Lines, Wilderness House, Blast Furnace, The Houston Literary Review, Menagerie, H.O.D., Forge, Miller’s Pond, Indigo Rising, and Crash. He is also the author of the chapbook HOUSES: AN AMERICAN ZODIAC, which was published by The Poetry Library and a book of poems SOUTH OF SCRANTON.

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