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Poems By Neal Whitman

How I Make a Living


I spare no words

to rhyme or reason.

But words too obtuse

are a poet’s treason.

I collect porcupine quills

and small animal bones.

I bring back words like stones

still wet when the tide recedes.

I don't write poetry

to rouse creative solutions

for personal challenges.

That's what bourbon is for.



Neal Whitman of Pacific Grove, California, is know locally for his little white hatchback –– its license plate is PG POET in a frame incised, "Poetic License." In 2011 he was a finalist in the Common Ground Review poetry contest; in 2010 he won 3rd prize and honorable mention. Also in 2011 he won the Chief's Choice Award in the White Buffalo contest and the Haiku Pix Review chapbook contest.

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