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Poems By Thomas White


Clowns Showing Teeth

All the malls have certainly changed,
full of rubbish, screaming children,
and sinister clowns, baring their teeth
between pale red lips, watching me, mockingly,
intently, like pinkly-bewigged gangs at twilight
loitering with murderous intent.

Obviously clowns are not what they
used to be: death mask make-up
slathered on like sour pie cream,
no craft, no art, not much color,
all sweating something foul
like spoiled, greasy butter.

The circus is over,
the masks are off ,
but the face of Bozo still grins
into his dressing room mirror
while coldly loading his revolver

Thomas White has published his poetry widely in Australia, including in Imago (Queensland University Press) and Gangway, as well as read his work on Sydney and Canberra local radio. In North America, Tom White's poetry has been published in a Wisconsin poetry magazine The NeoVictorian/Cochlea, a Canadian journal The Eclectic Muse and Nuvein, a California poetry journal.



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