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Poems By Jim Whelden
As a Bird Sings: With Penetration

Her vibrant sputter-spatter song invades
and widens interstices in worlds, where
formerly lonely souls had wafted, kissing
and being kissed by fleece of drifting clouds.

Her skin-and-bones is wireless skein
of chords of music: jumbled poignant phrases.
Hers is the text that swells the tissue throat
of every thing and each and everyone.

She sings intensely, gaily against the wind.
Her rounded tones confound the fog:
as buttery fingers crumble cake body;
as perfume unlocks vision in the blind.

Her weight grinds the sand between her toes.
The wind stings her face with gritty bits.
She is no more a single vibrant caroler,
empowered alone by fading echoing.
No more the soulful singer for the meek
slope-shouldered, downcast man of angst,
she’s every voice, now reaching everyman.

The green she sings: the springing fibrous mesh
where tight-rope walkers loose their minds
as free as birds that catch a wind’s updraft.

She breathes across the restless ocean’s face
her perfumed opened vowels of love,
self-love, empathic love, impassioned love.
She breathes above the lowering heavy seas
her clipped rattle of stiffened consonants
that cut the muck of shoals, and rocky shores

Her chest compresses, swells with lambent notes
as hot and live as seeds of hope and faith
that once the gods, and God, conferred on man.

Her vocal reaches sweep around the globe
of night to make a multiple of fists
whose fingers her will is prying out for questing.


Jim Whelden has written poetry since high school. He is a former president of the Delaware Valley Poets. He has published three poetry chap books and is a Featured Reader in the South Jersey area. His poems have been printed in numerous magazines & ezines, among them: the new renaissance, U.S. 1 Worksheets,, Poetry Motel, Zuzu’s Petals #19, Sows Ear, Sensations Magazine, Edison Literary Review, Mad poets Anthology and Identity Theory.

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