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Poems By Christian Ward


Love Letter

I found it buried in a cigar box,
nestled between a spool
of pearl wire and a yellowed
butterfly that twitched

as I stroked its nylon wings.
There had been words once
on its paper shores,
but all that remained now

were shards of syllables.
I burnt it that day, watching
sparks fly like fireflies;
carrying memories on their

bellies. Someone would see
it as they dreamed - this I know.

Christian Ward is a London, UK based poet whose poetry has appeared in journals such as SOFTBLOW, Other Poetry, Fire and Mastodon Dentist. When not editing his forthcoming literary journal, Black Magma, he enjoys writing, films and reading. His first chapbook, The Grammarian and other poems, will be published in October by Lily Press.



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