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Poems By Christian Ward


The Grammarian

The logo on his bag says
Nantucket Historical Society, 2002
but his face shows no passing
of time; as if he just left a mould

and sits carrying out left behind
instructions; circling the commas
scheduled for execution, sparing
a dash here, a parentheses there,

cleaning up the page like the way
he has organised his life. His glasses,
suit and umbrella follow subject, object,
verb. There are no adjectives

caught in his reflection. The world
is not a mosaic of memories, colour
and experiences but subjects, objects
and verbs, watching life only to correct it.

Forthcoming publication in Word Riot

This Begins

in places with names that are hard
to pronounce or you only see on TV,

where a chili coloured sky watches
mosquitoes die and fuck, and volcanoes

roar like forbidden gods. Memories are traded
in empty bars for the faces of dead presidents,

where the fuzzy TV always offers a eulogy
for the unspoken dead. They are packed away

in crates, exported to places only seen in picture
books and spoken only in myth. The newly arrived

numbers speak in code, and no one, not even the calling
of a mothers voice, can decode.

Christian Ward is a second year English & Creative Writing student at Chichester University in England, UK. His interests include, reading, writing and watching films. Some of his poems have appeared in anthologies.



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