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Poems By Joseph R. Trombatore

Dad & some
of my Uncles would get together on weekends. The
smell of fresh
sweet basil, oregano, garlic, fresh ground pepper
would fill the
house like incense in a temple. Big pans of fresh
ground beef
& pork, mixed with just the right amount of seasonings
start things off. Mixing by hand was the only way to do this.
kneading; throwing in more of this & that. The large cast iron
drizzled with olive oil, ready to fry small samples for judgment.
Swills of
beer & tales long & tall as any Sally were the norm. Laughs
loud as
a hangover phone ringing off the wall. Sometimes, I can smell
simmering in a spaghetti sauce; bubbling like an alien landscape.
Mama's white
stove splotched, like measles; our mouths watering.



A chrysalis.
That first morning; a pocket full of oranges. Warm feet
meet cool,
Saltillo tile. The milkman is at the door. You can't sneak up
on anyone with
wet tennis shoes. You'll have to settle for last week's
want ads;
instructions on how to lose a fingerprint in the blender. Today
tree trunk
forests look like broccoli; the sun - a big egg yolk. Hang upside
down. Give
your wings time to dry, expand with blood. Car keys &
hanging in the wash room giggle out wrinkles. Misplaced
spatulas keep
to themselves. Last night, candles burned holes in the ceiling.
Now you can
see the see stars. You'll need to write this down today. Capture
that last
dream just before waking. Tear thru the canvas, seep thru cracks
of mirrors;
discover what is on the other side of inside. The overturned
water glass,
the bed full of singed feathers; fingers fluttering
over a

Joseph R. Trombatore is a Pushcart nominee; whose award winning collection of poems, “Screaming at Adam” was published by Wings Press,2007. Recent poems have or will soon appear in JASAT (Journal of the American Studies Association of Texas), Origami Condom, Right Hand Pointing, Spoken War, Oak Bend Review, Dead Mule, Ken Again, Sugar Mule, Wild Goose Poetry Review, Word Riot, & Offcourse Literary Journal. Editor/Publisher of the online Literary Journal of the Arts: www.radiantturnstile.com


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