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Poems By Geoff Thurgood

Evocation: Self-Mutal


I need to bleed

slice these ideas

and let


the words

pour like veins

down my arm


dripping to paper.

The pressure is intense

like you could pull


back the skin

and watch the process,

watch the words


flowing, pumping

the life circle.

This sacrifice


red and running

whatever hurts

whatever is


These words

go to the heart

building up


only to be let go.



Geoff Thurgood is the pen name for a husband and father of two from Lexington, KY. After teaching full-time, he became a factory worker and part-time substitute to be closer to his kids and his thoughts. He has been published in Recently Eclipsed and on gotpoetry.com and is working on his first chapbook.

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