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Poems By Trina Stolec


One Closet

Twelve years of our life
packed into one closet:
your suits, my ripped jeans,
broken computers,
stained glass windows you
had to have, but
never used.
I pull out baby dresses –
yellowed lace and dusty ruffles.
The silent room fills
with the memory of you
crawling across the floor
in pursuit of chubby legs which
hadn't developed the coordination to run.
She’d grab my arms,
we’d run away from you
We giggled
when you caught us.

Your voice echoes up the stairs –
asks if I need the computer.
I yell an answer.
Dust settles on the rug.
I pack twelve years of our life
back into one closet.

Unlike You

Gray - leaning toward blue
I think.
The color isn't what strikes me.
You meet my gaze
with self-assured confidence,
invite me to probe
as if you had nothing to hide.
A mirage most men wear like arrogance.
On you,
it smells like innocence --
almost as if it were real.

When moon and frost kiss windows,
the blue-gray campfire is warm...
I remember roasted marshmallows at Girl Scout camp ...
warm, sweet, filling.
We'd sing songs too silly for Dr. Demento,
snuggle into our sleeping bags,
a counselor a word away --
wake up in the middle of the night
to a bear stealing our food;
the counselor no where to be found.
I watched the stars back then, too
transfix on their Morse Code messages
instead of innocent eyes.
Unlike you,
there's a lot I need to hide.

I Don't Know What's Real Anymore

You wrap a twist-tie
into a circle,
a black halo
for my finger.
The sound of my voice
is disappointment.
The table's
littered with discards.
bead rests inside a
broken cup.
Can't you write something
Just once...
just for me...
And the guitar pick you
refuse to use...
you don't like
Wine spills grapes
not truth.
You arrange discards
into Universal Unreality.
I forget...
are we pretending
nothing's wrong
because there's
people here
or is nothing
I'm tired.
I want to go home.
I need you.

Trina Stolec studied creative writing, drama and dance at The Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts, Berea College and The University of Toledo. She has performed in Community Theater and performed my poetry at numerous places since 1985. She has had more than 200 poems published in over 50 small press zines. Trina is the front-person for the performance art band Logic Alley whose second CD of spoken word tunes, “Diabolical Songs” is currently available on our website www.logicalley.com and at CD Baby.



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