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Alina Stefanescu
Moments After Listening to Early Recordings of Maria Tanase

Say you touch a tulip
and its stem breaks open.
The sun makes all of us

Say you read my letter
in the garden where the
flowers become verbs your
smile the single translation.

Say the legend about
the red fox turns into
a kitten over time

Say the sky is apricot
marmalade pitted with clouds,
and swing dangles in the middle

Say the colors this spring
prove excessive for your
modest tastes. Say who needs

Alina Stefanescu is the author of "Objects In Vases" (Anchor & Plume, 2016). She was born in Romania and lives in Alabama with her partner and four small mammals. Her flash fiction, "White Tennis Shoes", won the 2015 Ryan R. Gibbs Fiction Award. You can read her syllables in current issues of PoemMemoirStory, Tinge Magazine, Jellyfish Review, The Zodiac Review, Parcel, Change Seven, and others. More online at www.alinastefanescu.com.

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