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Neil Silberblatt
Time Out (for Pablo)

Forensic experts in Chile have exhumed the remains of the poet, Pablo Neruda…. The Chilean authorities want to establish whether he died of cancer or was poisoned on the orders of Chile’s military ruler, Gen. Augusto Pinochet.
BBC News, 8 April 2013

Sí, por favor exhumen mis huesos.[1]
I tire of this cloistered space
where I have overstayed my welcome
where the ocean’s breezes and the scent of my beloved
though tantalizingly close
do not reach,
where the vista so finite and cuisine so limited
and fresh paper and typewriter ribbon
so hard to come by.

Sí, por favor exhumen mis huesos.
I do not wish to share the same earth as Augusto
with his trimmed moustache and crisp uniform.
Though he has moved to more southern climes
far more tropical than here,
his stench still fouls up the place.

Sí, por favor exhumen mis huesos,
if only to cause sleepless nights
for the little general and his accomplices
who, though lacking hands,
still have blood on them
from the thousands of mis compatriotas,
now mis vecinos.

Sí, por favor exhumen mis huesos.
I cannot say what tale they will tell
              dispatched like Hamlet’s father
or a more prosaic finale.
A writer never reveals his ending.
It is a voyage of discovery
upon which we will embark together.
But first,
take me outside.
I long to feel the sun on my tired bones.

[1] Yes, please exhume my bones.

Neil Silberblatt has been writing poetry since his college days. A collection of his poems, So Far, So Good, was published in June 2012 and two of his poems were included in the October 2012 issue of Verse Wisconsin. One of Neil’s poems, Madison Avenue, was selected by Hennen's Observer as Grand Prize Winner for its Open Community Poetry Contest and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Neil has organized poetry readings at venues throughout Connecticut, including Hartford Library and the New Britain Museum of American Art.


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