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Poems By Nancy Scott

Why I Don’t Love Morning


Morning arrived early today

banging at the window until I let him in.

I don’t need any trouble, I said.

Morning shrugged and slithered past me,

curled up beneath the comforter,

and began to snore.

Still…my old Pyrex perked a first pot

of java much too strong, which sent me

flying off to holler at the gremlins

causing havoc with my washer.

Don’t you dare feign deafness, I said.

I could sense their glee as another awful

thump surged suds across the floor.

From the window, I spotted Batholomew,

the neighbor’s goat, who, having eaten

through the wire fence, was munching

my pink nasturtiums. A dozen swats

from my sopping mop before he sauntered off.


I marched into the bedroom and kicked

Morning out of bed. Dazed, he rubbed

his one good eye. When I take a lover,

I said, he won’t dare wake me at 5 a.m.






Assigned to the 12th Precinct


He watches as she pushes up her breasts

to show more cleavage, skirt slit

to her crotch, white vinyl thigh-high boots.

He begins to think she likes this.

She assures him she wears a wire;

still, he pictures her bashed

and bloodied, something gone wrong,

a stranger’s car speeding off.

Night tossed away, dawn cracking,

he listens for her Honda

to pull up in the driveway.

Silently, she strips off the blond wig,

tosses it onto a chair, and climbs in bed

beside him. He can’t touch her.

He grows hard, but turns his back

and feigns sleep.

Before she leaves again, she fixes

supper, asks him how his day went.

On her free evenings, they might

drive to the next town over.

If they enter a crowded theater

or she’s selecting pears at Winn-Dixie,

he can’t help it; he scans

men’s faces for a hint of recognition.


First published in author's chapbook, Detours & Diversions (Main Street Rag, 2011)




Nancy Scott's first book of poetry, Down to the Quick (Plain View Press) was published in 2007. She is the current managing editor of US1 Worksheets, the journal of the US1 Poets' Cooperative in Central New Jersey. She began writing poetry about ten years ago to record the myriad of stories she had heard while advocating for homeless families, the mentally ill and foster and adoptive children. Visit her website: www.nancyscott.net

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