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Poems By Trina Scordo
DeWitt Ave

a stem reaches out
from a clogged gutter
like the cold thin finger of an anxious child

Jakeema shot
on a bare sidewalk
his 10 speed bicycle wilted
against the community center fence
a disposed pack of Newports
flutters under a chalky oak

the bronchitis cough of a 5 year old girl
stammers in damp July air
the night pops
like a beer can
hiss of wet aluminum

a child’s saliva stained pillowcase
stale sticky mouth of fear
waits for the drive-by
the drop off the pick up

a 17 year old boy
bent fatigued
sits on a loose-limbed wood porch
minimum waged
renter debtor

bottomless blades of broken glass
frail strands of alleyway weeds
burn and smolder
like the salty ashes of Darfur

Childhood on a Highway

the first time I thought I’d choke
on my tongue at the dinner table
a broken plate on a linoleum floor

I saw every fight
in a vinyl seat Buick
a red living room carpet
in a dark wood bedroom
shouts about a steady job
and tubes of oil paint that sit in a closet

I heard everything though plaster walls
Dad slept in grandpa’s garage
on a Saturday night
I was at a bus stop with him
in front of Shop Rite
without change
we called Mom collect
to get a taxi home
and I was afraid of an unfamiliar cab ride
on a strange road without guardrails

in the back seat of a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass
shaking and alone
dry mouthed like my mother’s scared ghost
or my father’s insecure hand and pallet

I dream about Dad’s paintings
the one with the burnt mannequins
on Escher stairs
and a closed down factory
I live in that house with a guillotine in the front yard
a baby caught in a spider web
a one arm Viet Nam vet for company

it has taken 30 years
for the fear to rise from my stomach
drip from my tongue
Dad lives like disappointment
a discontinued spare part
empty as an un-patched ceiling hole
the broken glass I cannot wash from my hands


Trina Scordo resides in Asbury Park, NJ and is a writer, musician and community organizer. Trina has been published in various anthologies such as Working Hard for the Money, Cat Breath, Big Hammer and the Edison Literary Review. Her work may also be found on Jerseyworks.com and Roguescholars.com.


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