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Poems By Larry Safko

Stumbling down alleys,
whimpering his hello
he speaks from blood-shot eyes
and broken lips,
remembering lights, faces
and the sound
of flesh, hitting flesh.
Though he sees only through a blur
and speech comes hard,
he longs for the crowds,
and the dressing room smell.
The tape, the gauze and the alcohol.
The cold table top
and the backslap of friends.
He walks in a daze,
dreaming of titles
never earned,
never seeing the car.

For the speech classes Larry Safko teaches, his syllabus states:
I want to learn how you see.....so that I can see better.
I want to learn from you.....so that I may teach others.
I want to thank you, for allowing us to learn from each other.
He uses this approach in his photography, feature writing and poetry.

Copyright 2009  Chantarelle's Notebook