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Damian Rucci

When the sun is hot
and the sky is blue
I remember the summers
of my youth
kicking rocks down the Henry Hudson trail.

The lost souls drinking
beer in the Bayshore sun,
teach lessons under
the lonely moon.

Where are those holy men
who showed us life
from the bottom
of bottles of Old English?

The patron saints of excess
are absent now—
their souls scrubbed from
the asphalt trails leaving
only echoes of their

Half Breaths

And she sleeps
her blue hair catching
moonlight from the window
beside the bed

There are some nights
when the microphone
is on and the crowds
are loud and we dance
to the beat of our own chaos

But nights like tonight
the room is still
with the sound of route 36
cushioning the breeze
and I listen to her sleep
taking in the quiet
with half breaths

before the maestro
begins to play the tunes
of chaos for us again.

Damian Rucci is a writer and poet from New Jersey whose work has appeared across the internet & print. He travels the country reading poems in coffee shops and basements when he isn't actually writing. Damian is the author of The Former Lives of Saints (EMP Press 2017 w/ Ezhno Martin), Tweet and Other Poems (Maverick Duck Press 2016) & A Symphony of Crows (Indigent Press 2015). He is the host of the Poetry in the Port reading series based out of Keyport, NJ.


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