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Poems By Tatiana Rodeiro


The season for dying bloomed late this year

The season for dying bloomed late this year,
as though waiting for me,
with its fiery crescendo shrouded behind a canopy of black birds.
Breathe in the crisp cindery isolation
of the cold side of the window
where the echoes of children pass forbidden as the clouds.

What was it you really spoke of
in your proper and proud mechanical rant on fluorescent light bulbs;
is it the humility of hellos, goodbyes, and loving words too painful to speak?

Beneath our differences and distances
toils the blood of all
ceasing unto rebirth with every pulse
from the universal heart
mummified in bandages of suffering.
Come meet me beyond this masquerade of time and space.

Tatiana Rodeiro was born in Appalachian Maryland in 1988, currently she lives and writes in western New Jersey. She has lived in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru, France, California, and Florida, establishing close friendships with leading poets and artists such as Alan Britt, Nicomedes Suarez-Arauz, Charles Hayes and Ultra Violet. A certified yoga instructor; she is also involved in acting, literature, Brazilian Capoeira dance, African dance, ceramics, photography, and other art forms. She is currently a college student.



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