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Poems By Bill Roberts

Ambiguity Resulting From Growing Uncertainty



Very possibly I misunderstood her meaning -

Don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg.


Or did I hear her say something else?

It'll cost you a golden egg to get laid.


Or, Don't goose the moose

that drinks jungle juice?


Hearing not only goes as you get older

words and their meaning blur, too.


I'm a good listener, or so I've been told.

Or did she say, Listen, mister, I'm your sister?


It all gets damned confusing, if you ask me.

Did you?  I have trouble hearing.


Or did I tell you that already?

Hey, lady - stick what up my what?



Bill Roberts wonders how his Oklahoma grandmother produced 22 children, while he and his wife have had none, only dogs. He finds the world ever-changing and no longer tries to keep up, having finally purchased a television set. His poetry has appeared in about a hundred and fifty online and small-press magazines over the past thirteen years. He hangs out near the edge of Broomfield, Colorado. Contact him at marcorosie@comcast.net.

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