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Poems By Oliver Rice




There is no menu.

One must describe explicitly to the waiter

what he yearns for --- and what induces Tao,


            a music searching for its further self,


tempering the five vital organs

with the five eloquent tastes,

synergizing his yin and his yang,


            receiving intuitions of a symbolic mural,


intimations of scallion ginger chicken,

dim sum, cinnamon curry rice,


            joining his alterselves in dance,


nuances of Mandarin sesame duck,

bok choy in oyster sauce,


            fragments of soliloquy, 


spicy squid flowers, lotus buns,


            ecstasies of the astronaut,


ginseng licorice tea,


            a radiance of woman,


            his spirit running with antelopes.



Oliver Rice’s poems have appeared widely in journals and anthologies in the United States, as well as Canada , Argentina , England , The Netherlands, Austria , Turkey , and India . An interview with Creekwalker was released by that zine in January, 2010. His book of poems, On Consenting to be a Man, is offered by Cyberwit, in Allahabad , India , and is available on Amazon. His online chapbook, Afterthoughts, Siestas, will appear in Mudlark late this fall.

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