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Kelly Ramsdell

The Children's Librarian


She traces and cuts construction paper frogs –

the kids need a craft to go with story time –

schedules a seminar on technology,

fields endless phone calls from parents,

orders ink for the printers, books for the shelves,

cake for the upcoming author event.

She blogs, generates flyers, plans events,

processes new books, helps a child find a book.

She hangs banners, rearranges the shelves,

sets up a display, decorates for spring.


She goes to a bar after work,

falls into conversation with a stranger,

feels her hands fist in response when he says,

"Oh, a librarian? Must be nice to read all day."





In the new-fallow field

where husks and stalks lie,

a murder of crows hunches,

seeking sustenance from chaff.





In my backyard, I get cardinals, jays

goldfinches, woodpeckers, robins

plenty of little brown birds—

of course—

but never a single bluebird


Like happiness, I thought bluebirds

were rare until I visited a friend

who didn't even notice them, but

she had

bluebirds all over the damn place


I've learned that it is up to me

to attend to each moment

because each and every day

it's here

happiness – all over the damn place.


Kelly Ramsdell Fineman lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and has won awards from Writer's Digest for her work. Her poems have appeared in several anthologies, in journals including Up & Under, Chantarelle's Notebook, and U.S. 1 Reports, and in books for the commercial and educational markets. Her first picture book, At the Boardwalk, was published by Tiger Tales Books in March, 2012.


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