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Poems By Karen Porter

Growing Anger


Knick each seed's tough shell
with an iron knife
black with old blood,
then soak the seeds overnight
in venom.

Just as the dawn
bruises the sky,
ram them in a mixture
of wandering souls
and what remains
of a mad cow's brain.

Water abundantly with tears
until they sprout.
Place in a central location.
Note how the eyes
seem to follow you
around the room!

with copious amounts of bile,
best obtained by draining
one's own spleen.

Now they will blossom
quickly and profusely
and are ideal for cutting,
making the best

Snip and give a big bouquet
to each deserving lout
on your list.

Karen R. Porter resides in the Pinelands of southern New Jersey where she conducts conservation field work. Some of her writing has recently appeared in The Dos Passos Review, Barbaric Yawp, Mobius, and Tales of the Talisman.


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