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Poems By William Poppen
Staying in the Game

Today she
listens to her body,
notices complexity
churning beneath her skin
and hears traces of passion
bounding in her veins
as high waves on the seashore.
Skillfully she guides her hands
creating something
of this moment,
an indelible mark
to delight a student
of science or beauty.
Her torso sounds are
soft on the outside,
roaring within.
Today her body
grows older,
moves slower.
Transfixed she watches
how bones rise slowly
to meet the day.
No bouncing flesh
accompanies her
facing this day's challenges.
She plays the
experience card
to stay alive
one more day.

William Poppen is retired and spends most of his time trying to learn to write poetry, taking photographs, hiking, biking and traveling with his wife, Yvonne. His photos and poems have been published in New Millennium Writings, The Hiss Quarterly, and Chanterelle's Notebook.

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