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Poems By Leisa Pierce
Is It My Memory?

(Or All The Lists That Came)

I try hard to remember
dates, places and promises
it's all a blur
like ancient history
being taught
through a tube-fed
hole, a dark space
that was filled
then crashed
like a heart
on concrete
in July

like it never happened

these words
jog a memory
a misplaced
that was miscalculated
(the joke
was on me)
only I didn't know
well, until after
things were strewn about
and emotions
like the riptide;
of a worn book
you just can't put down

Leisa Pierce lives in Southern California and is looking forward to the day when she can return to New England. Leisa’s proudest accomplishment is her two adult children, Michael and Melanie; both in college now. Leisa plans to settle down in a small town and open a bakery or small diner after completing her bachelor’s in English. Books by Leisa include:"Moonstorms", a collection of poetry, “Sword Dancing", a collection of poems written with Vince Novo, inclusion in “Poetry Has Had Its Way With Me” and several chapbooks. You may visit Leisa on the Web at leisa.netfirms.com

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