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Poems By Leisa Pierce


California, Seven Years

I acclimated to the rigors
of endless sunshine
and fostered a love
of fish tacos,
green tea
and the sway of palms

The splash and spray
of the Pacific mesh like
cranberry breath
over grapefruit sunsets

I yawn and stretch
as if I have the time
without cares to tend;
pretend it's perpetual
when reality slaps
the jingle jangle
hanky panky
need for cash
right upside
my face

It's a golden hue
of a life, a ray
of bliss
that is akin
to a hamster
on the wheel

seven years,
two months
and fourteen days
and I've mastered
the west coast
way of walking
through smoke damaged lungs
while the fires are always
out of range
it's only the ash
we inhale

and embrace
the push and shove
from the border
the scent of saline
with the ghosts
who stole the land
assassinated homogeneous
to create panoramic views
that sweep the dust
right off your tongue
and plunge you deep
into the pandemonium

Leisa Pierce is a mother and a poet who is happily employed in the work force as an administrative assistant. Leisa who has been writing since age 8, recently turned 50 and is proud to have made it this far. "Moonstorms" was Leisa's first full length book of poetry. "Immaculate Solace" is her second book, due out in 2007. She also co-wrote "Sword Dancing" with Vincent G. Novo and appears in "Poetry Has Had Its Way With Me", as well as several chapbooks, including "MidRange", a new chapbook forthcoming from Maverick Duck Press.


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