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Poems By James Owens

after photographs by Roxana Ghita

then light deepened in the air
like breath held to be as warm as blood

the little knot of presence,
pulse in memory, melted,

and we couldn’t find….
what was it we couldn’t find?

this was “freedom”
this was “selfless”

this was “absolution”
we turned the words in our fingers

like colored pebbles,
smiling vaguely, shy,

wondering what they meant,
wondering what we had been

Two books of James Owens’s poems were published in 2007: An Hour is the Doorway (Black Lawrence Press) and Frost Lights a Thin Flame (Mayapple Press). He lives in New Carlisle, Indiana, and spends as much time as possible wandering the dunes along the south shore of Lake Michigan, though he also welcomes human contact and maintains a blog at www.klagewelt.blogspot.com.

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