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Poems By Carson Nunnally
Mating Call:

The gecko outside stares at me, his throat red.
In and out, dull then bright.
I think he must be trying to tell me something.
So I look back and smile
And I think he sees
Because he moves closer.
In and out, bloody red throat.
Somewhere quiet far inside my head
I ask him,
What he wants.
And my muscles pull to taught,
Straining to hear him, but it’s no use.
Just in and out, dull then bright.
The outside and inside noise disturbs my ear,
Screaming, delirious, relentless.
All I want to do is hear the gecko.
I think he’s trying to tell me something.
The sky is falling,
The pigs are flying.
And it’s worthless,
It’s all In and out, dull then bright,
His blood red throat.

Carson Nunnally is a sixteen year old girl and is an avid reader and writer. She will scribble down anything and everything she finds interesting.

Copyright 2011  Chantarelle's Notebook