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Kim Niyogi
Chasing Wind and Water (Feng Shui)

I am rearranging our life, caught in the seduction of movement like
a plastic surgeon, or god
testing the pull of shadows in new places.

Can more red really summon more passion? Ask
the stain of the berry or the cherry blossom’s crush
just how long their song can linger on the lips.

I will hang bells in the north, I will
drape our sagging couch in crimson silk, I will
trust in the ancients, try on their deference, I will

chant, throw rice, discover you are metal,
orient myself to convince the elementals
that we finally deserve to find our flow.

Kim Niyogi recently relinquished her Social Work career to commit herself to writing poetry and raising her 2-year-old daughter. She proudly resides in historic and artsy Easton, PA. Her work was recently published in Bottle Rockets Magazine.

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