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James B. Nicola

I’m whispering to you
a cornucopia.

Does it seem a howl?
Sometimes when I howl
it seems a whisper.

A rising wind,
near the horn’s source, whirls

the same breath,
by the outer lip,
swirls tame.

Once uttered, though,
like any word

it blows free
for you to do with
what you will,

as any Thing
created, muttered,
or breathed,

in a conch shell
or a wicker

howled like a poem,
whispered, like
a universe.

James B. Nicola has had over two hundred poems appear in publications including Chantarelle's Notebook, Atlanta Review, Tar River, Texas Review, The Lyric, and Nimrod. A stage director by profession, his book Playing the Audience won a CHOICE Award. He also won the Dana Literary Award for poetry, was nominated for a Rhysling Award, and was a featured poet at the New Formalist in 2010.

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