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Poems By Anastasia Mirzoyants


I Go Home

I go home
To dad’s rustic house
With its shelves
Bearing books and mood

To my hamster’s grave
Tapped into the ground
To the boxes with
“Mom-made” food

To “Ana + Peter”
I carved on the bench
When I was
Eleven or ten

To the “Red star” perfume
Outcast, over-aged
To my Mom
Stirring strawberry jam

To the train W
Whistling away my dreams
To old clothes
That won’t fit

To Peter, who doesn’t
Remember me
To his wife
I don’t care to meet

To my mom
A surgeon in white
Against the wall

To her heels
So extremely high
Knocking loud
Across the hall

To my mom at sixty five
Or maybe at forty four
To her laughter and lullabies
Luring to go home

Anastasia Mirzoyants is a student and a Teacher's Assistant in the English Department of the University of Toledo. She is teaching English Composition courses for International and American students. A journalist and a marketer by her educational background, she has 5 years experience as a newspaper writer and published documentary writer (two books devoted to the history of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) in her native country of Russia. In 2003, she came to the USA to get her Master’s Degree in English Linguistics, and in 2004, she had a poem published by Western Readings Society. In 2005, the University of Toledo Alumni Magazine published three of her poems. Two other poems were published in October, 2005 in the Illiterate Hooligans Books' anthology "Exploding Ink".



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