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Poems By Anastasia Mirzoyants


Farewell in Destin

He came all the way from home
My friend, eyes mirroring Russia
Nine hours of freedom and fear
High above the Pacific Ocean

He flew to the Mexican Gulf
To the white sand of sea-side Destin

I stitched through the continent
Detroit, cup of coffee, 7 am
Watching the minutes and airplanes passing by
Through the two semi-globes of glasses

My nine-hours trip to the open water
Cincinnati - Atlanta - Destin

America - Russia: a one-night bridge
Turned extensive for our friendship
He crossed it to quit my e-mail
And tore himself off my cell-phone

Two days at the beach we were drawing
Smiling faces on the white sand

When the dot of his jet melt in the air
I put back to the purse my nickel
Destin: destiny-of-being-lonely
Some cities are named to bring thoughts


Dad sums his day
in casual cage
of rocking chair and glass
from which he drinks the tears
of wooden French
liquor I want to try

I feel his breath behind the wall
I miss us talking
but I can't disrupt the sun
which pets his face
through patchy lens
of window's eye

Anastasia Mirzoyants is a student and a Teacher's Assistant in the English Department of the University of Toledo. She is teaching English Composition courses for International and American students. A journalist and a marketer by her educational background, she has 5 years experience as a newspaper writer and published documentary writer (two books devoted to the history of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) in her native country of Russia. In 2003, she came to the USA to get her Master’s Degree in English Linguistics, and in 2004, she had a poem published by Western Readings Society. In 2005, the University of Toledo Alumni Magazine published three of her poems. Two other poems are going to be issued in October, 2005 in the Illiterate Hooligans Books' anthology "Exploding Ink".



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