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Poems By Corey Mesler


Outside In It

The sky was the underside of an egg.
We pitched tents and caught
the cold like a flu. The wind whipped
through us, stranding us like
sailors drunk on moonlight. We separated
and later all we could talk about
was the night the wind came between us.
All we could talk about was each other,
how we camped on the side
of a cliff, a cliff that was us as surely as
the sky was our only witness.

Daughter, You

Daughter, you
wonder about your father

so still in the den,
so static in his chair.

The world moves around
him just like around

everyone else. You wonder
if his stillness is

what he desires, or does
he want to embrace

the world as he embraces
you. Daughter, you

are the wonder. Your father
writes long into the

morning. He hears birds.
He tastes the sweet coffee on

his tongue. He is still alive
to your soft footfall,

to the trill of your happy song,
as you go along, a sprite,

a reason for the tired old world
to keep moving around

such still points as your father,
your devoted, suspended father.

Corey Mesler is the owner of Burke’s Book Store, in Memphis , Tennessee , one of the country’s oldest (1875) and best independent bookstores. He has published poetry and fiction in numerous journals including Rattle, Pindeldyboz, Quick Fiction, Cranky, Thema, Mars Hill Review, Adirondack Review, Poet Lore and others. He has also been a book reviewer for The Memphis Commercial Appeal. A short story of his was chosen for the 2002 edition of New Stories from the South: The Year’s Best, published by Algonquin Books. Talk, his first novel, appeared in 2002. Nice blurbs from Lee Smith, John Grisham, Robert Olen Butler, Frederick Barthelme, and others. His new novel, We Are Billion-Year-Old Carbon, came out in January 2006. His latest poetry chapbooks are Chin-Chin in Eden (2003), Dark on Purpose (2004), Short Story and Other Short Stories (2006) and The Agoraphobe’s Pandiculations (2006). His poem, “Sweet Annie Divine,” was chosen for Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac. He also claims to have written “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo.” Most importantly, he is Toby and Chloe’s dad and Cheryl’s husband. He can be found at www.coreymesler.com.



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