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Poems By James Melin


Rainy Day

it never fails

I leave the house
without umbrella
without raincoat
only to get caught
in a downpour

and by the end
of the day the
wetness leaves
me cold and
heavy and
in need of a
dry place to rest
for awhile

these rainy days
come more
frequently as
time goes by
and sometimes
seem to go on
forever and I
am no more
prepared for
the next as I
am for the last

the rain is
coming down

it never fails

June Carter Cash

That ring of fire that once
burned now smolders
as she slips out of this
reality and into the next

The man in black
left alone
now sings in
shades of blue
at the loss of his

And the circle of love
connecting June and Johnny
will be unbroken
in the sky
Lord in the sky

James Melin lives in Tallahassee, FL and has been published in Goulash!!! and One O'clock Moon magazines.



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