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Poems By Steve Meador
Driving In Winter, 1960

Our car with no heat, an igloo
on wheels. Ice spores on windows sprawled
into frost ferns we could autograph with fingernails.
The loneliness of the back seat was as great
as the distance between the two frigid poles.

Letters chiseled their way out of cold chests,
floated to the back seat in titanic strands
of frozen words that ripped our hulls.

Twice along the way we drifted through
warm harbors, two booths of light,
one smelling of roast beef, the other apple pie.

My father dropped a quarter and it rolled to my feet.
I picked it up and placed it on the woman’s soft skin.
The crunch of ice beneath the tires lost its voice.

Now, when I cannot dodge the solstice of solitude,
I think of the hearth on the turnpike,
the touch of the toll-takers hand.

Steve Meador has been fortunate to find his work included in many journals recently, including Loch Raven Review, Word Riot, Boston Literary Magazine, Autumn Sky Poetry, Umbrella, Flutter, Unfettered Verse, Thick With Conviction, The Writer’s Eye and others. He has two chapbooks, A Good Sharp Knife and Pack Your Bags, both released by Pudding House Publications. He has been nominated for a 2007 Best of The Net poetry award.

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