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Poems By Katherine McIntyre
Plastic Entrapment

We live in a Coca Cola snowglobe,
stomachs grinding McMuffins,
An IV attached feeding Starbucks espresso,
Bodies adorned by A-brand clothing,
sewed by Abercrombie and Fitch.
Ethnic mix produced by Taco Bell,
Computer engineered voices
hollowly echo through I-Phones, Pods and
Hands and eyes glued to Sony's cold metallic features,
Microsoft providing computer fed minds
with ample advertisement.
Eyes watching, feeling, listening, voices trilling with joy....
As our faces press against the plastic manufactured world
inside our snowglobes.

Katherine McIntyre has been published in the Blue Fog Journal, as well as Origins. Currently she is balancing college with work, while still trying to find spare moments to pour her thoughts on paper. She aspires to write professionally and is currently working on a novel as well as continually writing poetry.


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