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Raina Masters
Casting stones, shadows and dares

No one saw you again after that.
It started with dares and bravado,
that one would walk across the train
bridge entirely naked while singing
She'll Be Comin' Down The Mountain,
our stupid games never hurt anyone
before and you were a perfect
silhouettes of curves and hair, it
made me regret not kissing you when
Heather dared me. The perfect pitch
in your voice surprised me. I'd never
heard you sing before and I fell in
love, thought maybe I could spend my
life with a girl. We threw the ballast
around, took our eyes off you and never
saw you reach the other side, never saw
you tumble to the earth below. It was
as if the earth swallowed you whole.

No one wants to die alone

Eyes are never closed, like in the movies.
There is a glaze. A slumped backwards rest,
face frozen in surprise. You knew it was
coming, but your countenance leaves me with
a sadness. I wasn't there to hold your hand
for the last breath. No voice remained in
the room but your own. My regret is not
your concern. Oversleeping can be deadly.
There is no one to call, to inform.
Did everything pass your eyes in reverse?
My mea culpa falls on your forgotten ears.
I should have been the last thing you saw,
not the curtains, not the ceiling.

Twice a victim

An abrupt kick from the inside,
a hello spelled out in sickness.
You infiltrator, I will excise
your pieces - your unwanted arrival.
My knife is a bottle of gin
and a hot bath,
followed by pennyroyal tea,
a bout of clumsiness will send me
down the long spiral staircase.
I never saw you coming -
this remnant of shame.
I will peel my skin to be rid of you,
keep your existence a secret,
lock your shell in a metal box
bury you deep in the ground.

Raina Masters writes poems, occasionally shares them and is hoping to submit more in the future. Raina spends most of her time daydreaming about faraway places and loves music, the quiet of a walk in cold weather and the happiness a warm blanket provides. Some of her work has appeared in Drown In My Own Fears, Thick With Conviction and Work to a calm.

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