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Poems By Garrett Macfalda
Cartago Nova

Slick and swaggering with the sheen of lust and loss
We drove past all the fog and attrition and famine and death
Until we came to a new scorched land to seed and nurture.
Cartago delenda est
And us as well I guess
But let me be destroyed utterly here
Where salvation doesn't even know our heretic names.

Mostly Benign

The tension had as much to do with a very dry year
as it did with the tank top
and a desire to talk about books.
Her body shied away behind a shivering voice
and confident eyes.
Unwilling to offend, she walked with and laughed off
I doubt she knew that I was thinking of how she'd taste,
how she'd smell,
how much she'd writhe as I proved my word to her.
Mostly I think she found me new,
and mostly benign.

Garrett Macfalda was born in Alpena, Michigan and raised in northern Georgia. He has traveled the eastern United States since 2005, working as an electrician.

Copyright 2009  Chantarelle's Notebook