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KT Lowe
The Internet of Things That No Longer Exist

As soon as you left, they started to efface you.
It was so hard to know you weren’t returning
and so easy to pretend you never were.
They dismantled your office and sold off your clothes
but they can’t take away your digital face.

Every life has a constellation somewhere in the cloudspace,
just a static image, vital statistics, but it’s you, at least.
In this state you join the wonders of the world we know only as fables –
you are the Colossus of Rhodes as much as the northern lights,
a memory more alive than the childhood I wished away.
All the adventures we knew would be possible all belong to you
as I search from myth to site and I imagine your narrative:
You got there first. You taught the Sphinx a new riddle to trick me
and you planted amaryllis in the hanging gardens.
I would relish the challenge – the smarter I become, the
harder you have to work to find something I never knew before.

I cast your story to the Internet for others to capture and download.
We form a chain of things that are no more
and the people we want within them, who can go no other way.
It’s not a museum but a microcosm of all inventive creation
a connection of friend to imaginary beast to impossible machine.
This is the world you wanted to reach. I leave you to it. I will visit.

Born and raised in Detroit, graduate of the University of Michigan, KT Lowe is a prison librarian by trade, but a museum junkie at heart. KT was published previously in Third Wednesday, and released an album of spoken word poetry, The Basics (2006). A second CD, Anything You Wish, is forthcoming from Detroit Radio Company.

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