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Poems By Erik Linzbach



Tied tight around your neck,
protection from late night kisses
and all the groping they begin,
the knot, wool and horrible,
impenetrable, disgusting how
you'd lock me out of what's
rightfully mine.

And as I say that to you
I see the blood rise through your
cheeks, you take offense to
my idiot male chauvinism,
the door opens as your emotions
pour out and I untie the bind.
Your mine now again
until the world's wintry tomorrow

sets in, and I'll have to offend
you in to taking off that dress
and scarf, giving up to this rudimentary
fool who's holding your heart
for ransom, and the only way
to get it back is to lay down beside me
and tell me how to be.

Forgotten Little City

Dusty windows are everywhere here,
stared through by numbers for piles
of years, and through these panes
the people saw things that would bring
joy, gifts for children in the downtown
storefronts, gifts for lovers opposite
the windswept park, and all through the
alleys and gutters papers blew free,
read and discarded along with everything
else, lives and triumphs and memories,
forgotten here, in our grey little city.

Erik Linzbach is a twenty two year old poet/short story author living in Phoenix, Arizona. A few of his poems and stories have been published by small literary magazines. For a complete list of his published work please visit http://erikpoetry.tripod.com.



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