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Poems By Erik Linzbach


Picturesque Suburbia

Beauty’s truest incarnation,
pedals slowly down the street.
Hair caught in a summer breeze,
miles of asphalt beneath her wheels.

She passes spinning sprinklers,
and rainbows of the sun.
Rides to the end of her world,
then turns ‘round at it’s end.

Hearing mother calling,
she rushes back for dinner.
If only to regain her strength,
to ride further away tomorrow.


The bitter old man sits alone
in the dead cold of a winter’s night.

Solitary on a park bench,
wondering to himself,
as thinning gray hair
falls with the leaves
and rustles to stillness
on the bed of concrete
beneath his feet.

Brown, drab trench coat
matching his mind,
cannot warm the
embitterment contained within
his being or
seeping through his soul.

All worn thin by the rigors
of his days; commute,
money. Always missing
out on the uncomplicated

Erik Linzbach is a twenty two year old poet/short story author living in Phoenix, Arizona. A few of his poems and stories have been published by small literary magazines. For a complete list of his published work please visit http://erikpoetry.tripod.com.



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