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Poems By Kathryne Lim

Bees communicate by dancing –
whipping the air into sound
felt by an imperceptible hair.

We, on the other hand,
create myriad ways to
communicate, and fail.

We speak in ellipses,
drop apostrophes,
miss complete sentences.

On the phone, you are in
the center of a honeycomb
surrounded by an echo chamber.

I give up trying to fill in the gaps.
The empty dial tone becomes a hum
that fills every silent corner of my life.

But if I am very quiet
I can hear the shushing of the trees,
birds singing, even the flutter of butterfly wings.

I am not returning home.
But every now and then I can
feel a magnetic pull,

arbitrary as the urge to dance.
My hair stands on end.
I know you are thinking of me.

Kathryne Lim is an aspiring writer and a social worker living in Santa Fe, NM.

Copyright 2008  Chantarelle's Notebook