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Poems By Anthony Liccione



pretty whitewash

how you stand against

the black words I tell,

sitting there sexy

on the edge of my paper

in a white dress

white nail polish

with your legs crossed,

wiping out the passages

of my dear diary–


when I cheated

on my pencil,

and used a pen

perhaps drunken

on orange juice and gin

now hiding in this sin

no eraser could take back,

you came with lush lips

and kissed away the words

I spoke against my

cheating wife

in wishing her dead–


now in a hush

you leave your innocence

for no one can read,

the black ash

of a whales tongue

in the perfume

of whitewash.



Anthony Liccione lives in Texas with his two children and serves in the Army. His poems have appeared in several print and on-line journals, including Frigg Magazine, Mad Hatter's Review, Apple Valley Review, Hazmat Review, Plum Ruby Review and Foliate Online. He has poetry forthcoming in The Stray Branch and Hennen's Observer. He is also involved with the upcoming album "Telling Tales" which will portray his poem in audible format, which is slated to be released mid 2011 through hennensobserver.com.

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