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Poems By Michelle Lerner


Methuselah's request

You were curious
what the last five minutes would be like.
I squirmed and brushed it off
saying that I knew you still had time.

But for God's sake, you were 97
you had the right to read your tumors like a mystery novel
to wonder with enthusiasm
what the final chapter held.
It was your due
after such devotion to the storyline.

We could have held a book club
and studied all the clues.
We could have held our breath,
closed our eyes,
and tried to be still.

But I was never
quite the avid reader
that you were.

I likened you to Methuselah,
when you were really Socrates
staying calm amid the wailing,
trying to prepare your bed.

Michelle Lerner is a legal aid lawyer and a first year MFA student at the New School at NYU.



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