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Poems By Gina Larkin
(This cloud will become a full-blown thunderstorm)

God blurs - becomes more and more fuzzy
loses the sharp outline
of Commandments and Beatitudes -
an image no longer omnipotent
or objectively sad.
God is usual, unrecognizable
one more voice lost in the Babel.
This is not the certainty
of law and incense and covered heads
at worship in a dead language,
discussion settled on the rack.
Men in long skirts and heavy gold rings
proclaiming the exact number of angels
on the head of a pin.
How will I ever know
that number if God
is fuzzy.
I know about jihad and holy wars
like the Crusades
and something about the meek
but not about dancing angels on a pin.
Neither God nor I
really care anymore.

Gina Larkin retired in 1996 after 25 years as Chairperson of Religion at Bishop Ahr High School in Edison. Her work has been in over thirty magazines and anthologies including Paterson Literary Review, Lips, Exit 13 and Up and Under. She has been a featured reader at Barron Arts Center, Delaware Valley Poets and Carriage House. She is editor of The Edison Literary Review.

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