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Poems By Raud Kennedy
“And Your Mission Is…”

James Bond is always on the go.
I can’t picture him going to the toilet
or trimming his toenails, doing what the rest of us do.
He doesn’t sit in cafes, bored and irritable,
like other imaginary characters that fill our evening hours,
naval gazing about his sex life.
His life is pared down to his mission.
Just his mission, and our lives depend on it.
I wish I had a mission that cut
all the drudgery and dullness from my life.
And a cool theme song, of course.

Extra! Extra!

Paparazzi follow me
like I'm a bitch in heat.
I'm a self-loathing, self-absorbed
drug addled slut. I'm all the rage.
Rehab for booze, rehab for painkillers,
rehab for homophobia, rehab
for being me.
Watch me, listen to me, mimic me.
I'm special, far more special than you.
I talk about global warming
as if my head has ever been
out of my ass long enough
for me to notice.
I take my private jet
to one of my houses
somewhere I forget.
I even forget my name
but it doesn't matter.
Everyone else knows it.
I'm a name brand, a product line
a trend, a fad.
Twenty something
and over the hill.

Raud Kennedy is a dog trainer in Portland, Oregon. His new chapbook, Glimpses, is available from Lulu.com For more information visit www.raudkennedy.com.


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