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Poems By Beth Stolar Kehayes
The Rose

by tight satin flesh.
In pasture green
the red petals
have hungered
and spoken.
Kneaded the dirt
with fingernails
collecting debris
of seasons.
In dreamy musk
meeting florals
felled into an abyss.
Where the sun meets a sickle moon
and I wrap your limbs
around a trellis with care.
Only to pierce my finger
so it bleeds.
And I console it
with my lips
as I would you
and the thorns
of discontent.

Beth Stolar Kehayes has been writing since childhood. After a twenty year hiatus from the discipline, she has been making up for lost time since 2006. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The College of New Jersey, USA with a concentration in water color painting and photography. Her poetry has been featured in numerous publications, e-zines and print including Tipton Poetry Journal and upcoming works in La Fenetre. A collaborative book with fellow poets is slated for late 2007. Beth is currently Co-Editor of Flutter Poetry Journal. She is an enthusiastic gardener, living along the water in New Jersey with her beautiful family and enjoys classical piano study.

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