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Poems By Seth Jani
Winter In The Suburbs

The bulbs have grown indefinable
In the rigid nooks of winter
And all day the straggling voices
Migrate from the city
Dropping shreds of meaning
For the remaining birds
To peck and eat.

Perhaps it’s only on the margins
That you can feel
You have lost your life,
Standing on the balcony
Above the weathered streets
Knowing the nearby shoppers
Never miss a beat.

But here the city loses
Its enchantment
And nature can’t quite wrap
Its pale spindles around the curb.
You turn an empty phrase inside
Your mouth
And think of the river Styx,
Wondering if anyone ever stood
Between the shores
And fearing the awful constancy
Of either side
Leapt from the rocking ferry
Into the nameless pools below.

Seth Jani is a young poet from the Northeast. He is the founder of Seven CirclePress (www.sevencirclepress.com) and the newly-minted Eco-Journal EarthSpeak Magazine (www.earthspeakmagazine.com). He has traveled the country doing extensive conservation work and currently resides in Seattle,WA. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Holly Rose Review, Heroin Love Songs, Camroc Press Review, Shoots & Vines, The Foundling Review, Writers' Bloc (Rutgers) and tinfoildresses.

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