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Poems By Tony Howarth

Reunion at Green Chimneys


where children come to mend themselves

by caring for creatures who survive a road-kill,

or leave a leg behind in a hunter’s trap;

one of them, a boy, leans against a cage

as big as a room, while inside a crow

clings to the mesh by its claws;

the two of them stare into each other’s eyes

not moving, then quietly the boy slips

into the cage, moisture seeping from his eyes;

the crow flutters to a perch on his shoulder;

this is my bird, the boy whispers, I took care of it;

the crow hears him, brushes its beak against his ear.



Tony Howarth, living in Patterson, New York, has worked as a journalist, for many years as a high school teacher of English, most recently as a playwright, with many plays, a movie and two musicals to his credit, now, on this, his maiden voyage, venturing into the world of poetry.

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