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Poems By Bridgette Holmes
Dreaming in Italian

It was in a hostel in Brussels,
when I knew I was going to leave my life behind.
A man from Hungary,
and another from Australia
sat with us at the table.
Your smile spat statements of world peace
and you disarmed the group
to tell their darkest secrets.
You poured me more wine
and sang the Star Spangled Banner,
in a thick Italian accent.

But it was not until we were on the train to London
that I tried to lie beside you in the train car

so we fit together
like two crescent moons.
Your mumbles of Italian words sang me to sleep
and our breakfast of coffee and scones
tasted like champagne.

When I told you I had to leave,
our story was already over.
Your eyes were moving quicker than
I could entertain.
And a stone had worked its way
between the crescent moons.

Intangible moments.
Wine and scones and moons and coffee.
These things will be us.
A trip, a train, a hostel.
A coffee shop where no one understands our conversation.

You will be more to me
than will ever be translated
into Italian words
that sing American girls to sleep.

Bridgette Holmes is an English teacher at Saratoga Springs High School. She is still experimenting with poetry and hopes to focus more on publication in the coming years. Her poetry has been featured in the online magazine Chantarelle's Notebook. She graduated St. Lawrence University, with a B.A. in English Writing and Plattsburgh State University with a M.S.T. in Curriculum and Instruction. She currently lives in Saratoga Springs , NY.

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