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Poems By Sandy Hiss


Lightning Bugs

The boys were at it again.
Clutching empty pickle jars,
searching for prey. If only
their mothers' knew they were
harboring killers clothed in torn
denim with holes in the knees

and scabs on their consciences.
Lightning bugs buzzed through
the pines, playing tag with the
stars. The sound of branches
cracking like old bones echoed
through the forest, leaving a trail

of death's footsteps in the earth.
As the boys returned, carrying jars
of twinkling lights that quickly
dimmed into darkness, I wondered
if I would burn out as fast
or slowly fade.

Sandy Hiss' poetry and fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in Cabaret New Angeles, Autographs, Eskimopie, Scorched Earth, Autumn Leaves, The Cat's Meow, Poet's Haven, True Poet, The Green Silk Journal, Ken*Again, Thick With Conviction, Fresh!, Bolts of Silk, Zone, KuPoZine, CC&D, Dance to Death, Defenestration, Zygote in my Coffee, Words-Myth, Falling Star Magazine, and Stellar Showcase Journal. Sandy resides in Wyoming with her two hyper children and Aquarian husband. She is also the editor of Flutter, an online poetry Magazine. Her first book of poetry, Ever Violet, by D-N Publishing, will be out in Winter 2006.



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