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Poems By Bronwyn Haynes



With others, it was different:
colorless passion; sleep; shower.
Never before these tangled sheets,
this white heat or obsession.

In the morning, you scrub away
at crimson smears on your neck,
marveling at the paleness of your skin
beneath her color.

She kisses your mirror, "So
you'll remember last night."
As if you could forget.


As if betrayed by love, you live empty,
and are blinded, like Samson fallen.

I was no Delilah, no lover, barber, and betrayer;
was not conniving to shave away your power.

But you deny me, believe I have cut away
the braids of your strength.

To show your masculinity,
you tear down the walls we worked to build,

and I lie crushed
beneath the temple you've destroyed.

Bronwyn E. Haynes has been published in each of the three issues of Baby Clam Press, and recently accepted a position on the Baby Clam staff as co-editor. A long-time member of the Burlington County Poets, she has also been published in the Quick and Dirty Poet's Up and Under Review, and received the National Council of Teachers of English Award for excellence in writing. Most recently, one of her poems was recognized in the New Jersey State Teen Arts festival.



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