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Poems By Katrina K. Guarascio


My Mother

my mother once told me
through the smoky air of our living room
after a long drag and a long drink
"the women in our family have been
known to bring out the worst in men"
"but there was never one of them
that didn't regret we were gone"
she leaned back and looked at me
took a drag
sort of winked
"I think it's the brown eyes"

Previously Published in:
Bay Area Poets Coalition Anthology 24. Amazing Experience's Press.

Two Hours After Midnight

stupidity dances under the stars
grass grows on the moon
right now I love you

intoxication trips me up
and I have found you alone
spin me around your crooked finger

only your face can be seen
reflected in brown eyes
gravity is strong here
and it pulls us into the soft wet ground

do you feel me creeping inside you

Katrina K. Guarascio is a graduate student at the University of New Mexico with a focus in Secondary Education. Her poetry has been published in many small literary magazines including Poetalk, Nerve Cowboy, Write On!, Leonardo, and Rearview Quarterly.



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